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This web site shows information about services and products offered by QUATRO ETIQUETAS,


By observing art. 10 of Law 34/2002, 11th July, on Services of Society of Information and Electronic Trading, we provide you with the following data:


Cif : B-23600125

Registered office: POLIGONO AVE MARIA. PARCELA 2-1. 23740 ANDÚJAR - JAÉN.

Teléfono: 0034 953 52 50 99

Fax: 0034 953 51 38 02

Correo Electrónico:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Datos Registrales: IRegistration details: registered in Trading Register in Jaen, book 412, folio 59, page j15790. Inscription 1ª.


Quatro Etiquetas, located in Polygon Ave Maria, Parcel 2-1, 23740 Andújar (Jaén), offers its services in internet at its web page: in the terms and conditions stated in this contract. Quatro Etiquetas offers the services described in the above mentioned web page to any user requiring them, reserving itself the right to reject any order. The client compromises not to use this web page and its services to perform any action contrary to law, to morality, to public order and, in general, the client compromises to make a use of it according to these general conditions. The client is also bound not to use a false identity or provide false data for fraudulent or dishonest purposes.


The cost of products and services offered by Quatro Etiquetas will be that one previously set for each of them in the current tariffs. These tariffs are available for any client of Quatro Etiquetas that may request them. This company reserves the right to modify these price lists or rates, being these modifications of immediate application to clients, from the moment they are posted in our web.


All prices will be increased with the VAT, unless the contrary is explicitly mentioned.


Quatro Etiquetas compromises to perform shipping services as well as to fulfill delivery times according to the required services. Quatro Etiquetas will not be the responsible for any delay in delivery due to any technical problems beyond our control.


Quatro Etiquetas will send the invoice directly to the client, along with the goods. The payment should be released in the moment of getting the shipment, unless both parts have agreed any other payment condition.


During the usage of the services offered in our web page, users can send digital files to Quatro Etiquetas servers. Quatro Etiquetas will not be the responsible for any error in these files. Quatro Etiquetas will not revise the content of such files, although we will reserve the right to do it with the final purpose of solving problems for a correct rendering of the service.

Quatro Etiquetas will not be responsible for any damage, modifications or loss of these files, even though we treat the work with utmost care.

The client is suggested to send a back-up of the documents. Quatro Etiquetas commits itself to guarantee clients’ confidentiality and to the non-diffusion of clients’ files, temporally housed at our servers.

Furthermore, clients compromise to send Quatro Etiquetas’ servers neither any file damaged by viruses nor files breaking national or international laws, as far as patents and/or commercial privacy is concerned. Clients accept to be the ultimate responsible part, facing any claim that Quatro Etiquetas may get due to this reason and indemnifying Quatro Etiquetas for any expense arising from any claim or complaint relative to the breaking of this agreement, including also advocacy and compensation expenditure.


Quatro Etiquetas is a mere printing products supplier, being the clients the responsible of the intellectual property of the documents and their contents. So, clients commit not to send Quatro Etiquetas any information which breaks authorship rights and to face any problem derived from the GSAS (SGAE), regarding intellectual property.

All the content in this web site (texts, graphs, images, icons and specific applications) belong to Quatro Etiquetas and it is protected by national and international laws related to intellectual property. The content of all the pages in this web site is offered with the only aim of interacting with our users and it should not be used with other purposes.

The client accepts in this agreement that Quatro Etiquetas is released from any responsibility as far as profit loss on clients’ part is concerned as a result of mistakes in labor or delivery delays. In these cases, Quatro Etiquetas will, at most, refund the amount paid to the client. But this will not be occurring if the user has not fulfilled any of these general conditions.


Quatro Etiquetas guarantees the legitimacy of its resources as well as the proceedings and actions used form the creation of its products, and it also warrants the legality of personal data assignment, according to Protection of Personal Data Law 15/1999. The client, however, is also obliged to this law reinforcement.


The client will not be allowed to break the conditions or to delegate duties under this agreement, without the consent of Quatro Etiquetas.


Quatro Etiquetas reserves de right to disrupt its services, partially or totally, due to technical problems or changes, with a previous report to the client affected.


The contents in this website, such as images, logo, graphics, animations, texts or computer applications, whatever their format, programming language and layout, as well as the domain name are property of Quatro Etiquetas or Quatro Etiquetas has purchased the corresponding rights from previous owners. Because of this, Quatro Etiquetas is protected by international laws on intellectual and industrial property and by the domain naming regulations.

It is allowed the use of hyperlinks to this website and the utilization or total / partial reproduction, with non-profit purposes, of its contents, always naming the source and including a hyperlink to this webpage. But it is only allowed in those cases described in articles 31 to 34 of the Intellectual Property Law (Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, 12th April).

It is forbidden:

- The utilization of frames or any other tool used to hide the source of contents.

- Any usage, transformation or exploitation of contents with commercial or promotional purposes, as well as with any aim against law, morality or public order or whenever Quatro Etiquetas’ image or a third party’s image can be damaged.

Any use leading to unfair competition or, in general, any use contrary to the rules established in these Conditions of Usage.


Whenever surfing any website, you are automatically giving that web server the information relative to your IP address (unique identifier for data transmission among the computers connected to the Internet), to date and time of access, to the hyperlink that has redirected to you to this website, and your operative system and to the browser used. Notwithstanding that Data Protection Spanish Agency (hereafter DPSA) considers the IP as a personal data, Quatro Etiquetas cannot get on its own – and has no intention of doing it unless any damage is caused – any information about the holder of the internet connection. These data will be kept ad correctly used only with control and statistical aims, and will never be left to a third party.

This website does not use cookies or any other tool allowing the obtaining of personal data without your consent.

In such a case that any communication between you and Quatro Etiquetas is established, we inform you that your data will be included in a database belonging to Quatro Etiquetas, with the purpose of informing or responding to your inquiry, suggestion or claim. This point is observed in the Organic Law 15/1999, 13th December, on Personal Data Protection.

Likewise, we inform you that you can freely access to, modify or cancel your data, with the exceptions and limits observed in current legislation.

In the case that you want to pursue your rights, you should send an application signed by you to Quatro Etiquetas, together with a photocopy of you Identification Number or Passport to the address indicated in “Contact Us”. You can find further information and the forms to lodge that application in DPSA web page (


The contents in this website are offered with the finality of informing the users. Quatro Etiquetas is exempt of any direct or indirect responsibility that may derive from the abuse of the information in this web.

The hyperlinks appearing in this webpage are showed with the aim of expanding information about services or any other interesting question for the users. The inclusion of these hyperlinks indicates neither the acceptation of their contents nor the bound of Quatro Etiquetas with the responsible people of such web pages

Because of this, Quatro Etiquetas rejects any responsibility related to these hyperlinks, as well as any damage that your computer system, documents or files can suffer. Quatro Etiquetas will only be responsible – regarding Law 34/2002, 11th July on Services of Information and E-Trading Society – in such a case that, being aware of its wrongfulness, they do not remove or disable the linkage to those hyperlinks.

Quatro Etiquetas does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of this website and its contents, because of technical, security and control or service maintenance purposes, mistakes caused by the server or any other purposes beyond their control, so that Quatro Etiquetas is exempt from any direct or indirect responsibility.

Quatro Etiquetas is not responsible for any mistakes or damages caused to the users’ operative system, files or documents derived from:

- The capacity or quality of their computer.

- The existence of a virus or any harmful computer application.

- The quality of your connection to the Internet.

- A bad operation of your browser.

The use of applications whose versions are not updated or legally licensed.


Quatro Etiquetas reserved the right to modify or update the configuration, availability and layout of this web webpage without prior notice.


The questions related to the usage of this website or its contents will be ruled by the current conditions and Spanish Laws. The parties will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Andújar for the resolution of conflicts concerning the usage of this website, expressly waiving any other forum that may apply

Andujar, 19th October 2010

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